Herbal Hair Rinse

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Have you seen the ingredients listings on hair conditioners and rinses lately?  In keeping with our goal of eliminating as many questionable chemicals as possible from our already toxic lives, we would like to introduce one of our most recent inventions – Herbal Hair Rinse.  We infuse hot distilled water with large amounts of organic dried, hair-loving marshmallow root and then combine this rich concoction with organic food-grade citric acid to adjust the pH, pure organic konjac root to add even more slip for easy combing, genuine essential oils for a delightful fragrance and a totally natural preservative made from the honeysuckle plant.  It is now possible to wash and condition your hair without any scary chemicals at all!  For best results, shampoo your hair with any variety of our Soapcakes bars in soft water, rinse thoroughly and then saturate your clean hair with our Herbal Hair Rinse.  Massage it in for about 2 minutes and then rinse it out thoroughly with more soft water.  Comb and style as usual.


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Weight 16 oz

Distilled water, organic marshmallow root, lavender, clary sage & bergamot essential oils, honeysuckle blend (Lonicera caprifolium & Lonicera japonica flower extracts), food grade citric acid, konjac root powder


Apply our NEW Herbal Hair Rinse to your hair immediately after shampooing and thoroughly rinsing with any Soapcakes bar. Leave our Hair Rinse on for approximately 2 minutes before thoroughly rinsing it back out as well.  Comb and style as usual.  Soft water always works best. 

8 reviews for Herbal Hair Rinse

  1. Kat Safris (verified owner)

    I found this rinse at the IA state fair last year. I love it!

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  2. Melanie Deaton (verified owner)

    I love the new Herbal Hair Rinse. Leaves my long grey hair shiny and very manageable! 🙂

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  3. Kat Safris (verified owner)

    I am on my 3rd bottle; I love this product. It seems to help my older, fine hair. Thank you!

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  4. Floyd Spoerry (verified owner)

    Leaves hair feeling great

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  5. Diane Anderson (verified owner)

    Enjoy a herbal rinse once a week

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  6. Lori Cagley (verified owner)

    Okay, I used this yesterday and my hair is so soft and silky I can’t stop touching it!

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  7. Shari H. (verified owner)

    This is a great product for my hair. I didn’t realize how “weighted-down” my hair felt from traditional shampoo and conditioner. My hair now feels lighter but looks fuller. I like it!

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  8. Leah (verified owner)

    Works great on my fine hair, makes it shiny and less frizzy in all this winter dry air. The smell is wonderful! Took about 3 weeks to come but it was over the holidays and it was packaged well. I love shopping local!

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