Handmade Foaming Liquid Soap

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$ 10.00

Each 8 fl. oz. foamer bottle can produce an astonishing 150 pumps of thick, sudsy, real liquid soap. Our handmade liquid soap is so rich and creamy, you will only need one pump at a time for a cost of approximately 6 cents each!


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Weight 8 oz

Distilled water, saponified premium certified organic virgin coconut oil, pure essential oils (when chosen)

14 reviews for Handmade Foaming Liquid Soap

  1. Cheri Carr (verified owner)

    …really love the sweet cinnamon and really really really love the peace and quiet.

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  2. Dara B. (verified owner)

    I love using these soaps . They are so pure and clean . I cook very often and need to wash my hands but find these so gentle and not dying . And I really like that they are made from very natural ingredients .

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  3. Mike McCarty (verified owner)

    First time tried. Works great!

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  4. Sandra (verified owner)

    excellent fast service

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  5. Lori Peterson (verified owner)


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  6. Melanie D (verified owner)

    Love this product from Sudsy Soap Cakes! My hair is so much easier to comb out! 🙂

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  7. Ellen N. (verified owner)

    Smells wonderful. Very rich and moisturizing.

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  8. Kim Evans (verified owner)

    Smells SO good! Haven’t used it yet, but excited to!

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  9. Moco Todd (verified owner)

    Love this!

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  10. Teresa Morlan (verified owner)

    First time buyer and I don’t know why it took me so long to try this product but it is fantastic! Love the natural lemon smell. It goes on with a nice smooth coating that isn’t watery, then rinses clean. Love it!

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  11. Conni B. (verified owner)

    Leaves the hands so smooth.

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  12. Brenda Klenk (verified owner)

    Best hand soap ever!!

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  13. Judy Yoder (verified owner)

    It would be nice if there were little packet samples to try . Mostly just to smell the different fragrances.

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  14. Shari H. (verified owner)

    I love the scent! I do a lot of cooking so am constantly washing my hands. It does not dry my hands out and leaves them feeling soft.

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