What Makes Your Soap So Special?
Regular commercial soaps and detergent bars aggressively cleanse the skin, stripping it of its valuable moisture and sometimes even leaving harmful chemicals behind.

Many skin lotions were invented primarily to repair the damage done by these harsh soaps!

Soapcakes do just the opposite. Soapcakes gently cleanse the skin without assaulting it, carefully preserving its natural moisture and eliminating the need for so much lotion.

Far above traditional industry standards, Soapcakes are meticulously handmade from the same fresh, certified organic oils that a world-class gourmet chef might use…

…because we think it truly matters what you put on your skin.

Is Your Soap Long Lasting?

Yes, very.

Soapcakes are not transparent glycerin novelty soaps that tend to melt away quickly.

Soapcakes are produced by a centuries-old method called Hot Process.

Hot Process creates a very rustic, solid bar of creamy, sudsy soap that has the potential for lasting a really long time. In addition, the beautiful attributes of our very special ingredients like essential oils, jojoba oils and coconut milks are preserved better with Hot Process than with other methods. But there is one rule:  Don’t leave your valuable Soapcake in the bottom of the tub or in a puddle of water in your soap dish. In order to comply with that one important rule and help give your Soapcakes an even longer life, we offer a nifty invention: soap-saving Soap Lifts.

Can I Wash My Hair with Your Soap?


Our entire family has been using Soapcakes as a shampoo for decades.  For best results, after shampooing with any of our Soapcakes bars and rinsing thoroughly, we apply our luxurious  Herbal Hair Rinse.  We leave it on for a couple of minutes and then rinse it back out.  Our hair is left smooth and tangle free.

Soft water gives even better results.

What Claims Do You Make for Your Soap?
It’s really very simple.

A Soapcake will carefully, gently and thoroughly cleanse your precious skin and hair with lots of creamy, luxurious lather and leave its own unique essential oil scent behind.

And it will accomplish all of this without annoying artificial fragrances, gaudy industrial dyes, aggressive detergents, scary GMO’s, common allergens like gluten, dairy or soy and questionable chemical preservatives.

Is Your Soap Made with Lye?

Lye is a crucial ingredient for “saponifying” nutritious oils into a true soap.

But as is often the case in chemistry, when a precise amount of lye combines with a precise amount of oil, both ingredients are transformed into an entirely new substance called soap.

There is no residual lye left in properly made soap.

But Soapcakes go one step further.

We generously add more certified organic oil than what is necessary to combine with the lye and create soap.

This is called “superfatting”.

The remaining oil that isn’t saponified greatly increases the skin-loving value and gentleness of the soap.

Why Does Your Soap Cost So Much?

Most of the time you get what you pay for.

Cheap soap is…well…cheap.

Science tells us that much of what goes on our bodies ends up in our bodies.

So instead of cheap, questionable, damaged ingredients, we choose to use only the freshest organic ingredients, exactly like a gourmet chef might use.

But the best ingredients also cost a lot more money.

Certified organic virgin coconut oil and certified organic golden jojoba oils both make magnificent soaps… but they are expensive.

Skin-loving earth clays produce beautiful all natural colors as well as an extra creamy lather… and they are expensive too.

Real essential oils smell absolutely amazing… but they are very expensive.

It concerns us when we see people buy cheap commercial soaps full of all those damaged oils, fake fragrances, fake colorants, skin-stripping detergents and unnecessary chemicals and beat up the very skin they plan to live in for the rest of their lives.

Since most of us slather lots of soap all over ourselves on a daily basis, we believe it is much more practical to buy premium quality, carefully handmade, all natural soaps and save money on other things that don’t matter quite as much.

Are Soapcakes Edible?

Very funny.

Return Policy

Please feel free to email us at Kathy@sudsysoapcakes.com within 30 days of your purchase to request information on our refund policy.